Here are some of things we’ve been asked so far. If your Q hasn’t got an A here then we would be happy to do so - just email or tweet us and we’ll get back to you quicker than you can say ‘wow that poo has gone literally everywhere’.

What’s our approach to being a dad?

Dads are often stereotyped as being absent, apathetic or clueless - but that’s not how it has to be. We think that being a dad should be an amazing and, yes, fun experience - an opportunity to grow as a person, grow closer to your partner and help nurture a little baby into a confident and well-loved little person. We see parenting as a partnership, where both partners work together to give their child the best possible start in life. Men have a significant role to play in the life of the child, we will give you the confidence and skills to step into that role.

Why is the course only for men?

We think antenatal classes (like NCT or Youtous) are fantastic and would definitely recommend you attending one of these courses with your partner. But this course is designed to be a space where men can be totally open and honest with other men, sharing their hopes, dreams and fears about their upcoming fatherhood. Equally, while courses like NCT tend to focus on the birthing experience our course is more about the first year of your child’s life and covers practical information like how to change a nappy, bath them, feed them and look after them in the first year of life. We also spend time looking at how we can support our partners, how your baby develops over the year and we make lots of time to talk together as guys.

What will I learn?

See the ‘Course content’ page on the site. 

Do you have a parenting philosophy?

No - just that everyone can be a great dad, and a good dad is someone who loves and does their best for their child. People have lots of different philosophies about parenting and you’ll get a lot of advice, often quite contradictary in the run up to and early days of your babies life. Our aim isn’t to tell you what to do or which approach is the right one but simply to prepare you - practically and emotionally! We’ll give you enough knowledge and skills to go away and start to learn by doing - something that will never stop as a dad. We don’t believe in perfect parents or an ideal approach, we know that being a dad can be as much a challenging and messy experience as it can be joyful and fun - so we aim to give you enough confidence to get stuck in and started - not to be perfect. We also believe that as complicated as some people try and make it, ultimately parenting isn’t that hard - people have been doing it for a very long time in much harder circumstances than ours. It’s about having a few key tools and skills - our aim is to pass those on, dad to dad.