We can talk as much as we want about how good we think it is, but nothing beats a bit of feedback from people who have actually been on the course. Here's what they're saying...

What Attendees Have Said About The Course

"Cracking course run by a dad for other dads. Really helped me get ready for the carnage of having a new tiny pink shouty housemate move in. Also possibly the only time I have ever received brownie points for going to the pub with the boys. If you don't fancy the couples' courses, or are nervous about asking stupid questions in front of your other half, or just fancy learning some extra dad skills, this is the course for you."

Ewan, Brighton

"Only a few days away from the birth of my first child & I went on the Dad's Course a few months ago, and has given me confidence for this amazing challenge. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere & hearing stories from other dads gives you comfort knowing all children are different, so not to be worry if your baby is doing something different to others."

Nick, Brighton

"Great course because of the great people behind it. Really appreciate the emphasis on being real. So helpful!"

Matt, Brighton

"I found it thoroughly enjoyable and productive. I think it’s hard for men to be able to talk about their thoughts and concerns before baby is due, and it was a great platform to do it; having different dads come in throughout the day was brilliant… even just between the 3 of you, you could establish that there is a complete range of labour experiences and ways of parenting, and each couple will do it the way they see fit. I left the day feeling even more enthusiastic about having the little one, and look forward to catching up with the guys in a few months’ time"

Mike, Eastbourne 

"The Dad Course I attended was excellent - very comprehensive and informative and a great friendly atmosphere among the dads-to-be, the course leader and the invited dads. A great mixture of anecdote and instruction, I found it an invaluable complement to the other ante-natal classes I've been involved with. I recommend it unreservedly!"

Steve, Brighton 

Thanks Dave for the great course! I began the day knowing very little and left armed with some vital knowledge which has helped my partner and I to prepare for the arrival of our daughter together. Had I not attended I suspect I would have not had the confidence to articulate my views on the birth and how to support my partner during it... The bits about burping, crying and the immediate aftermath were invaluable and I feel way more settled in my mind about how to tackle these. I enjoyed the other dads coming in too to tell their side of things... It was a good mix of practical and 'theoretical' and I genuinely really enjoyed the whole day.

Leon, Hove