Fatherhood in 200 Words #14 - Pete

This is part of our fatherhood in 200 words series where we asked dads to share a little about themselves, their most prominent memory of their first year of fatherhood, the best parenting advice they have received and a message for dads-to-be. Each answer was limited to 50 words and you find them here unedited and as given.


My name is Pete and I’ve been married for 8 years to Joey. We have 2 girls, Lily-Grace (5), Eliza (3) and have a baby on the way. I am 30 years old and work in a church with children, young people and families. I love music, squash and woodwork. 

Prominent memory from first year of fatherhood:

That first moment you finally get to hold your baby! Your wife/partner has had this intimate connection with this child for 9 months or so, and finally getting the chance to really feel a connection with this tiny baby can be the most profound moment in your life.

Best fatherhood advice received:

Don’t underestimate the difference a child will make in your lives. It’s amazing (of course!), a wonderful experience with every moment to be cherished, but it’s also really testing. You will likely never have been so tired, excited, overworked and emotionally drained in your life. Talk about how you’re feeling.

Message for men expecting their first baby:

Choose your first words well. I know this sounds dumb, because they don’t understand what you’re saying and all…but I chose my first words carefully and have tried to live out the truth of those words with my kids every day since. Start as you mean to go on.