Fatherhood in 200 Words #19 - Jon

This is the part of our fatherhood series where we asked dads to share a little about themselves, their most prominent memory of their first year of fatherhood, the best parenting advice they have received and a message for dads-to-be. Each answer was limited to 50 words and you find them here unedited and as given.



My name is Jon. I am an Independent Financial Planner, Business Owner, an aspiring Triathlete and Game of Thrones fan. I am a father of two girls aged 10 and 7 and will this year be celebrating my 12th Wedding Anniversary.

Prominent memory of your first year of fatherhood:

Sitting up late at night with my baby girl watching sports on TV while my wife would get what sleep she could before the next round of feeding. I treasured those moments because it was just the two of us hanging out . Even now they are both a bit bigger I love finding those moments where it is just the two of us creating great memories.

Best fatherhood advice received:

Be passionate about things your kids are passionate about.  

Message for men expecting their first baby:

Make sure you and your partner spend time doing things you enjoy doing. We went to the cinema lots in those final few months before our eldest was born and am so glad of it now because it was probably 2 years before we got to go again and we have to be really selective about which films we go to watch.