Fatherhood in 200 Words #13 - Ryan

This is part of our fatherhood in 200 words series where we asked dads to share a little about themselves, their most prominent memory of their first year of fatherhood, the best parenting advice they have received and a message for dads-to-be. Each answer was limited to 50 words and you find them here unedited and as given.


My name is Ryan and I'm from Brighton. I'm a Consultant for Reward Health. I love being active & staying healthy. I have 2 amazing daughters, who are 10 & 4. I am so proud being a Dad because we are so important and never forget that..

Prominent memory from first year of fatherhood:

That I'm now responsible for this child.. No matter what my circumstances says, I Can do it. I'm going to be the best Dad.

Best fatherhood advice received:

Love your children. Regardless of what they’ve done in life, without conditions & without exceptions. A dads job isn’t easy. But its worth it. Every second of it.

Message for men expecting their first baby:

Sometimes you are going to get in bed and feel defeated. You'll feel like you didn't do anything right in the day. you may feel like you're a bad worker, a bad friend, a bad lover and a bad father.

Life will always give you peaks & valleys. its how you handle yourself in the valley that helps shape your character & strengthen you for your climb back to the top.

Be strong and remember, you ARE a great Dad. Do not forget it.