Fatherhood in 200 words #5 - Fraser

This is part of our fatherhood in 200 words series where we asked dads to share a little about themselves, their most prominent memory of their first year of fatherhood, the best parenting advice they have received and a message for dads-to-be. Each answer was limited to 50 words and you find them here unedited and as given.


I'm a research project manager at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, mixing my time between working from home in Brighton and commuting to London. My baby boy is almost 1 year old. It's a great achievement to have got him safely this far. 

Memory of first year of fatherhood:

The roller-coaster sleep deprived nights. I could get/still do get totally frustrated and angry with him for not staying asleep, but then as soon I see him smile in the morning that all melts away. 

Best piece of parenting advice received:

Before he was born I remember other Dads saying attachment and love isn't instant and bonds take time to form. That gave me low expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing it was when I did meet him... seeing this mini, cuter version of me was just awesome! 

Message to new dads:

Take as much paternity leave as you can!