Dad Drinks Brighton & Hove

Next Dad Drinks: Date and Venue to be confirmed!

If you're a dad of a pre-school age child you'd be really welcome to join us for our quarterly Dad Drinks get together. This is a chance for previous Dad Course attendees to catch up, make a bit of space to talk about fatherhood and for any dads to have a chat about how we're all doing, ask questions and learn from those who are ahead of us on the journey. It's informal, relaxed and a chance to chat with other guys who are in the same boat. And, if you haven't previously attended a Dad Course you'd still be welcome to join us, just use the sign-up sheet below. 

If you haven't had your baby yet, and are thinking about coming on The Dad Course you would also be very welcome to join us, it gives you a chance to meet Dave, who hosts the course, and other guys who have previously attended.

Lastly, if you can't make the next Dad Drinks but would like to sign up to our quarterly mailing list to find out about future events, you can use the form below too to do so. In future we hope to offer other programmes and sessions that are useful for dads, so if there is anything you're particularly interested in or would like to cover, do let us know.

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